Taking the Alex Jeffeys coaching course had been the single best thing I have done in my quest for making good money online.Genuinely he has over delivered at every turn. I started this course wondering if I would get my monies worth and now know that the personal coaching he has given is worth and now know that the personal coaching he has given is worth at least 10x more than I paid! If you get the opportunity to be coached by Alex, grab it immediately!

Josh Barlett,

Joining Alex Jeffreys coaching was the single best move I’ve ever made for my business. I lost my job and was screwing around on the internet trying to figure out how to get back on my feet. Within weeks of joining his coaching, I was able to stop looking for another job and my business has exploded. I will never work another day of my life for someone else and I owe that to joining Alex’s coaching.

Matt Wolfe,

Anyone serious about learning and marketing online would be a fool not to have Alex Jeffrey as a coach.... at ANY PRICE! Because being his student, is being his personal protegee, is being his friend, and never being forgotten... PRICELESS!..Thanks for everything Alex!

Daylynne Starr,

Alex, I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me. I have said this time and again, but the day I met you really did change my life. You know I was a single parent struggling to pay my bills, and you changed all that. Without your help I would never have realized just how easy it is to make money online, you explained marketing to me in a way no one has ever done before and I have never looked back since. My life is GREAT and it's all down to you.

Sally Neill,

Alex Jeffrey is a straight, honest and caring guy - he tells it as it is without all the fluff and hype and as someone has said he is just like an Energiser Bunny, his passion and enthusiasm is contagious - he makes you want to succeed. Just go for it - if you follow what he says then you can't go wrong. He genuinely wants his students to succeed.

Barbara Harvey,

What Alex excels at is doing simple things right. He has put a powerful system in place which has earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars and he does not hold any of this information back in coaching. Having met Alex in person I believe he is not in this industry purely for the money, even though he has made a lot of it. His enthusiasm for internet marketing and helping people achieve their own personal goals is infectious and you will have to look hard to find a coach or mentor who is more down to earth and sincere.

David Walker,


From The Desk of Alex Jeffreys, Cardiff, UK
RE: My Million Dollar Blueprint…


Listen carefully, and get ready to move FAST

Here are the facts...

The 'Marketing With Alex' coaching program has only EVER been made available for 7 days per year. We released it in 2008, 2009 & 2010… and it was closed for ALL of 2011.

That Means It’s Only Ever Been Made AvailableFor 21 Days In TOTAL In 3 years

…and the ORIGINAL plan was to release it again in 2013 at the usual price of $997…


…but something happened that changed EVERYTHING!

(More on that in just a moment)…Following the original plan - based on the facts - we would expect to make BIG BUCKS releasing it again at the same price…How do we KNOW?


"Just Look At The HUGE Traffic Growth
Each Year We’ve Released This Program"

Imagine what would happen THIS year!?

“You may be wondering WHY the traffic grows so dramatically every yearwe release the program?”

Simple…The success stories from the previous year’s program speak VOLUMES!

The sheer amount of PROOF all over the internet about “Marketing With Alex” is quite literally UNDENIABLE

The Marketing With Alex program has taken a life of its own with MILLIONS of DOLLARS in success stories from people who have followed the simple step by step system I’ve created.


And We “Did” Plan To Do It All Again…

Yep… we “planned” to release it once again this year for 7 days at the usual price of just $997…


…BUT Destiny Made Me Change The Plan…

You see… I’ve coached hundreds of people over the years, and they’ve all been more than HAPPY to invest LARGE sums of money for the privilege.

And yes, like everyone else, I’m here to make money…

However, on January 1st 2013, I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution and make a PLEDGE that this year I’d help as MANY people as I POSSIBLY could.


But there was a slight problem…

How was I going to achieve this? So, I racked my brain…I started drawing all kinds of crazy tables, graphs and spread sheets trying to figure out how to go about helping SO many people…Then I Had a CRAZY Idea

I shared it with a few of my millionaire marketing friends and they all said I was NUTS...

But I thought otherwise...

The most powerful marketing system I know has always been, and STILL is “Marketing with Alex”.

And if anything… it’s even MORE effective than it’s EVER been with all the “Social” changes on the internet over the past few years…

So the plan was simple – get Marketing With Alex in as many people’s hands as POSSIBLE…

Now I wasn’t going to give it away... that would just be PLAIN DUMB for business. Plus, it really is just so darn GOOD, I’d be doing myself a real injustice doing so.

Not only that, but after coaching thousands of people over the years - I know the ONLY people who really take action and follow through with anything – are the people who actually INVEST in themselves.

After a lot of thought I came up with a crazy low price of just $197. That would mean more people would invest right?


YES. But that STILL wasn’t good enough

I wanted literally EVERYONE, no matter what… to get the opportunity to get involved… So I thought…

With Today's Economic Climet and With
The SHEER Amount of BULLSH*T That's
Being Peddled About Online...


RIGHT NOW has never been a better time to release Marketing With Alex for an INSANELY low price of just 27 Dollars – Yeah, crazy Huh!?


"So you're probably wondering exactly what you
get for this VERY LOW investment "

Maybe you’re wondering if I’ve taken out some training modules or removed some bonuses?

Hell No!

For 2013, I’ve actually SUPERCHARGED the program and once again OVERDELIVERED at every opportunity.

Not only do you get the EXACT same training modules people have previously paid $997 for… but I’ve also bumped up the package to include even more essential training to ensure the recent changes on the internet are FULLY COVERED.

“Ok… What EXACTLY Do I Get?”

Let me be VERY clear right now – my system is not just the LATEST FAD or some “FLY BY NIGHT GET RICH QUICK SCHEME”.

Instead this is a tried and tested proven step-by-step system that I’ve been perfecting for many years which has enabled me to generate more and more profits from it every single year.


You’re Actually Going To GetThe Blueprint
To My Million Dollar Business…

So, let me tell you what you get,and then you can just go ahead and get instant access to everything while it’s available TODAY…


When I was struggling on the internet I was a prospect - but when the penny dropped for me - I went from prospect to marketer. In this module I want to take you “Forward To Basics”. That’s right - not back to basics, Forward To Basics because in this module I want to show you how I went from unknown newbie STRAIGHT to the FOREFRONT of the marketplace

Now, if you’re a newbie then this introductory coaching module will be absolutely PERFECT for you. You see, I’m not going back to basics here, because you’ve never been there! Instead, I’m going forward to basics, so that you can get set up in the right way, from the very beginning and avoid all the pitfalls that I fell into!

I’m going to show you how to position yourself and your business correctly from the off.


So now I’d gone forward to basics and I was looking at the market place as a marketer – not a prospect – I wanted to do the least amount of work for the most amount of return. In this module I’m going to show you my automated infrastructure process and I want only walk you through the process – step by step – I’m going to give you the exact process maps that are still pinned to my wall this very day.

Here you’re going to discover the exact process I’ve used to practically automating my ENTIRE online business. From building a list of targeted, hungry prospects… to email marketing… promoting products… driving customers through a sales funnel towards back-end products… collecting payments and customer service.

This is how I’m able to make thousands of dollars while I’m away on vacation doing absolutely no work whatsoever – and you’re going to find out once and for all how it’s REALLY done.


Now I was building a list on autopilot – I wanted to convert these prospects into customers – in this module I’m going to show you my most profitable sales funnels and this is where you’ll get to see what MOST people don’t like to share.

In this module, I’m going to reveal exactly how my own million dollar PROFIT PULLING PLATFORM works

I’ll show you how to link up a series of web pages to create a sales funnel that WORKS.

We’re talking squeeze pages, free giveaways, front-end products, back-end products, upsells, downsells… the lot! This is how I took my business from $100,000 to $1,000,000!


Whether we like it or not social media is on the increase – and that means social media traffic is on the increase too – in this module I’m going to share with you the concept that myself and students in almost 100 niches are using to FULL AFFECT to generate traffic from the social media sites with just a few simple steps.

Social media marketing has exploded in recent years, as online entrepreneurs have capitalized on the boom in usage to make massive profits. And yeah, I’m one of them!

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube contribute to a huge percentage of my income, and in this module I’m going to be spilling the beans on how I use these sites to drive hordes of targeted traffic towards my websites, without paying a cent!


My automated websites are cool to look at but they don’t make ANY money without traffic! I quickly discovered early on – the more traffic you generate – the more money you make. In this module I’m going to reveal my BEST traffic strategies responsible for MILLIONS of clicks and MILLIONS of dollars – with my homemade step by step traffic getting systems.

The only way you’ll ever make money online is by generating traffic to your products and offers. And the more traffic you generate, the more money you make!

So you’ll be happy to know that in this module I’m going to give you exclusive access to my best-kept traffic generation secrets! Yep, I’ll be revealing how I drive enormous amounts of traffic from blogs, forums, social media sites, press releases, squidoo lenses, articles, eBay, and much, much more, and show you the exact step-by-step process I use to do it and totally OUTSOURCE IT FOR FREE!


You’ve heard the saying “the money is in the list”, right?

Well whoever said that was spot on, because a massive amount of my success can be put down to my ability to build huge and responsive lists – and I’m going to show you how I do it right here.

We’ll be covering squeeze pages, free giveaways, double opt-ins, relationship marketing, and much more besides, and if you don’t know what any of that means, don’t worry! I’ll be going through the process step-by-step to guarantee that you’ve got all the information you’ll ever need.

Now the traffic is flowing to my website from the previous module, with my newfound mailing list – I’m able to email them at any given time and generate HUGE windfalls of cash. In this module I’ll show you every detail in this list building machine how we use it – and I’ll even include my best email campaign templates so you can see for yourself what we do.


I learned that everybody online at some point wants to be an affiliate – in this module I want to show you how I made 27k my first week using affiliates. And since made up to 98k in a single day using these strategies. In this module I’ll be showing you the exact steps I take to find and recruite super affiliates in just a few simple steps a day.

During this module, I’m also going to reveal exactly what a joint venture is, how to find massively successful potential JV partners, how to write the perfect JV proposal to guarantee that almost every potential JV partner says “YES!”, how to create an affiliate link, and how to go about promoting other people’s products for big commissions!


I quickly discovered there’s a lot to do when building an internet business – in this module I want to share how I’ve outsourced everything whilst I live my life to the max. Outsource everything from creating websites, creating products, handling customer service, affiliate getting and effectively outsourcing the day to day running of my business while my profits have always grown.

If you want to run a hugely successful online business and STILL have the freedom to enjoy life, then you need to OUTSOURCE!


As you know, I make lots of money online, and I make it FAST! But I bet you didn’t know just how fast? You see, I know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to rapid product creation, and in this module I’m going to show you how it’s possible to create a brand-new product in just 60 MINUTES or less!

My First product took me 7 months to create… that was BEFORE I created my closely guarded “60 minute product creation template”.

So if you’ve been sitting there worrying about having to create your own product, DON’T! It’s dead easy, and I’m going to show you how to create absolutely awesome ones in super-fast time that you can start selling almost instantly.


I used to think building membership sites were hard work – I didn’t know how to set one up, or what to give the members each month.

Now I’ve put thousands of people into my membership sites, and in this module I want to share with you over my shoulder how I have sites created, content created and content drip-fed so I have hands free recurring payments month after month.


Whoa… How’s that for the COMPLETE package!?

I’ve left ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of this program and I’ve made this available for INSTANT download with video, audio and pdfs so you can gain IMMEDIATE access to the content.

But That’s Not All…

I promised that I was going to OVERDELIVER on this one! So To Make This Even More Irresistible…


I’ve added some of the best bonuses
I’ve ever offered ANYWHERE. PERIOD.

List Building Machine - $1997 Value

It doesn’t require any technical setup or previous knowledge at all. There’s no weird stuff to design or build or code to figure out. Literally, all you need to do is follow along, and copy step-by-step what I do BY WATCHING OVER MY SHOULDER and you could have your first campaign up and running tonight.

You will literally be handed all of the “plug-and-play” templates so you can start building your own list building machine right away!


Affiliate Millionaire Training - $297 Value

In this video you’ll see how I made my very first $10,000 day. This training is with my SUPER AFFILIATE secret weapon,Mr X.

There’s a lot of B.S. being thrown around online about how to do affiliate marketing. Well I’ve cornered one of the BEST in the business and squeezed the REAL information out of him that he and I use to generate millions of dollars online. This is the stuff MOST people won’t share with you.


Rich Schefren “Guru To The Guru’s” $297 Value

Here Rich shares to the Marketing With Alex community how he’s taken people like myself from $20,000 per month to $331,134 the very next month… and how it was no fluke.

Rich Schefren charges upwards of $15,000 for a single day’s consulting so when you get the chance to hear Rich speak – you listen. Rich peels back the curtain on a real internet marketing business and shares the real secrets to his clients online success.


Marketing With Alex Customer Appreciation
Seminar $1,297 Value

Yes, as a special gift - you’ll get ticketsto my 2-Day Marketing With Alex Seminarin 2013. Get the opportunity to meet with me personally and rub shoulders with other high level internet entrepreneurs at this exciting event.
This is the perfect opportunity to network and learn some of the most advanced marketing techniques on the planet.

Previous attendees - Dean Holland & Adam Spiel - met at one of these events and the partnership they formed generated over $600,000 in a year.

This is NOT to be missed (Date and Venue To Be Confirmed).


Plus you’ll get VIP Customer Support – Expected

We really, really love our customers and we go the extra mile to do whatever we can to take care of you because that’s what it’s all about. We treat you like we want to be treated.

We have dedicated customer support so you’re never on your own. We strive to achieve first class service which is why you will see the rave reviews about this program all over the internet.

Say No More.


Access To Marketing With Alex Private Community - $Priceless$

Here’s where you can network with other Marketing With Alex students and follow along with what we’re up to on a DAILY basis … trust me we have fun up in here!

Myself and my team will be in the private forum on a daily basis so make sure you come and say hello. We’re all really looking forward to meeting you!

Myself and my team will be in the private forum on a daily basis so make sure you come and say hello. We’re all really looking forward to meeting you!


Those are some insanely powerful
bonuses right there…

Not to mention what you’ll be getting in the actual coaching program itself!

So don't delay, get INSTANT ACCESS to the complete Marketing With Alex coaching program PLUS valuable bonuses right now for a one time only (CRAZY LOW) investment of just $27.


Big 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If the massive discount isn’t enough… I want to sweeten the pot and make this 100% RISK-FREE for you.


Look my reputation is on the line here, I am well-known in this business.

And anyone who knows me, knows that I protect my reputation like a Rottweiler protects his home.

If you are not completely thrilled…for any reason at all…then I insist you ask for a refund.

I'm in this business to help people.

I've done my part by creating this system.

I bent over backwards to create this event for my high level coaching students.

Literally pouring EVERYTHING I know into it.

So there really is no need to bend over backwards trying to sell it to you for a whopping $27…

The proof is in the pudding...

But YOU have to give it a chance.

Are you truly serious about starting, growing or doubling your business this year?

I know you are. Because if you weren't you wouldn't have read up until this point. I'm positive you're someone who's smart enough to see a good deal when you see one... and this one is a hell of a bargain.

This isn't watered down, rehashed stock pile crap or smoke and mirrors. It's the REAL thing. If this all sounds too good to be true, call my bluff. I'm putting all the risk on my shoulders to prove it.

Watch one module, or go through it all… Then, you let me know within 60 days if the lessons you learned didn't deliver the goods and pay off.

For whatever reason if you think it didn’t - You'll Get Every Penny Back.

No questions asked.


Now it’s time to take action…

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

It’s moments like this where your action can carve out the rest of your life…

Just take a look at everything I’ve packed into this for a measly 27 dollars..

Marketing With Alex Coaching - Previously Sold For $997
This is the FULL marketing with Alex training program which people have paid $997 for in the past. There are millions of dollars in success stories from this program alone. Follow the step by step training and build a real online business with Alex’s help.
List Building Machine - $497 Value
You get all the templates and training to build your very own list building MACHINE. You don’t have to figure out the ‘hard stuff’ for yourself. We’re literally giving you a plug and play business model which you can have set up today.
Affiliate Millionaire Training - $97 Value
Learn first-hand from a multimillionaire online affiliate how it’s REALLY done online. See behind the curtains of how affiliate marketing can be used to generate HUGE income streams on the internet.
Rich Schefren “Guru To The Guru’s” - $197 Value
See inside the mind of Rich Schefren is probably responsible for creating more internet millionaires than anyone else on the planet.
Customer Appreciation Seminar - $1,297 Value
Get your hands on VIP tickets to attend one of our special seminars where I will be joined on stage by special guests and you get the opportunity to meet myself, my team and the rest of my clients and students for a special one off event – not to be missed.
Plus you’ll get VIP supportExpected.
Access To My Private Community - Priceless


The Marketing With Alex Coaching Program - where I’ll receive INSTANT access to the 10 step training program with hours and hours of NO-Holds-Barred content with the EXACT same system Alex Jeffreys has used to generate millions of dollars on the internet.

I also understand that this very system has been sold for $997 in the past but today I can get it for just $27…

AND I understand that Alex has packed in EVEN more value – adding the incredible bonuses above putting the total value up to over $3,000.

AND I also understand that Alex has given me a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for a whole 60 days to allow me to try out the system with ZERO risk on my part.

I understand all of the above which is why by clicking the “Add To Cart Button” below I’m confirming I’m ready to start RIGHT NOW!

Yes, just $27 for the chance to get your hands on the EXACT Program that's been sold for $997 and been closed out for years.


Now It's Your Turn...

So go ahead, Don’t waste any more time and click the download button right now. Literally, within minutes, you can be inside with access to EVERYTHING we’ve mentioned today.

If you’re serious about building an online business. I’ll see you on the inside…

Click the Add To Cart Button above and let’s make 2013 the biggest year EVER.

To Your Success,

Alex Jeffreys



P.S. - Look… here is one final tip:

When you get the chance to peek inside the head of a 7 figure marketer… A marketer that has helped many others achieve their goals - you don’t hesitate - you do it! And when the investment is so low, you grab it with both hands and never look back.

In return you will discover every secret that I have used to build a seven figure business and you can get it, all for just $27 bucks. One Time. No recurring payments. No future charges.

No strings attached.

CLICK HERE To Grab The Marketing With Alex Program TODAY


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